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Openings and Premieres: Peace

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I know the shops are open today, so you’re probably already out of the house. This afternoon you can take the opportunity to forget all the Christmas prep and get down to what we all really really want, Peace.



The exhibition unites 32 artists from 18 countries in the name of peace. 
Artists from Germany, Austria, Poland, France, Spain, Italy and Ireland are exhibiting alongside artists from Ukraine and Russia, Iraq and Israel, Turkey and Marocco, Kazakhstan, Korea, Japan, Argentina and USA.
‘We are solely on the side of peace’ is the motto of simultaneously held peace exhibitions all over the world. 
Atelier 103
Spinnerei, Halle 11
Vernissage  Sun 20 Dec  5.00 
 Finissage     Tue 5 Jan      6.00
Heidi Baudrich            Christiane Bruhns             Lorenza Diaz
Astrid Dick                   Nabil El Makhloufi             Céline Germès 
Aika Furukawa            Candace Goodrich              Liat Grayver
Hassan Haddad           Marlet Heckhoff                 Detlef Hobbiebrunken
Lena Inosemzewa       Volker Kaufmann              Bartlomiej Kiszka
Petra Polli                      Lexander Prokogh            Christina Reiter
Sylvia Rudolph             Carlos Sagrera                   Maria Sainz Rueda
Susanne Vrbka               Luise Wonneberger

Maeshelle West-Davies gleans her varied life experiences to expose a personal perspective through a multitude of mediums. Sound, video, photography, dance, performance and public art are the tools she uses to convey her message. Her work is a response not only to a physical journey, but an emotional one, as with all of us who walk along or beside our individual paths.

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