Birthdays: Confessions of a black drag queen trapped in a woman’s body, the poem

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Confessions of a black drag queen trapped in a woman’s body, the poem


She went out

leaving a glitter trail to the club from the house

as long as she can dance, she will

for anything less is more

of a sin

than a celebration.

her home away from home

no matter where she

may roam

has always been

amongst the laughter and testosterone fuelled

land of glistening, gyrating beauties

she calls family.

it’s where she can be herself

in all the glory of sparkles, spangles, lashes and heels.

where no one asks if she’s a prostitute

or says she looks like a russian, whatever that means.

they don’t judge her. they only adore her and greet her with champagne.

ok, it’s only sparkling wine,

but it bubbles like champagne.

it bubbles like she does.

kiss kiss

bang bang


by maeshelle


side note: Those are my birthday boots. My dear friend Steve surprised me with them from Ceasar and Randy’s vintage shop, Cherry . They do mail order to anywhere in the world. Of course the most fun is going there and playing. Open by appointment.

Maeshelle West-Davies gleans her varied life experiences to expose a personal perspective through a multitude of mediums. Sound, video, photography, dance, performance and public art are the tools she uses to convey her message. Her work is a response not only to a physical journey, but an emotional one, as with all of us who walk along or beside our individual paths.

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