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FUNkyFRIdayz: Washa Umkhukhu soothes the soul

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I was so anxious to listen to this mix. Weeks passed and I relegated it on my to do list. The name of mix itself got me feeling fretful. Little did I know that the purpose of this mix was to get rid of all the agitation I had. I mean the mix is called Medical chant for a reason. It brings a sense of placidity to my mood, a reason to chant, a reason to celebrate the day, the hours, the minutes, the seconds. Washa Umkhukhu will galvanize you with this mix; with his ability to create suspense and build up. I will have the pleasure of hearing this Deejay play live tonight at Polysick – Vintage and Future Afro Sounds. I cant wait be moved and electrify that the dance floor when this man plays his set.

Sobonana daar (see you later in Zulu).

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