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Got Game: Pat’s chance to go global

in My Leipzig/Sports by
Patrick Fitzgerald in action with the Leipzig Lions. (Photo by @dekay_media)

Playing American football is a vital part of Pat Fitzgerald’s life, just like oxygen. The Leipzig Lions player is hoping to take his passion to the World Games 2017.

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Robin Abramovic, the artist with he(art)

in Arts/Society by

“When you only produce art to please people, it ceases to be authentic.”

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Exams: a series of small deaths and mental breakdowns

in Lifestyle/Philosophies by
The nightmares, the "thousand deaths" before exams, and the pure relief and joy of being done with them. Photo: public domain

I had to convince myself to get up from under my comforters that successfully protected me from the deadly grips of linguistics monsters, throw some acceptable clothes on and hit the road.

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Home for the holidays in Slovakia 

in Lifestyle/Society by

It’s tradition that makes us truly feel “home” during the holidays.

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4 simple tips to conquer (winter) mood dips

in Lifestyle/Philosophies by

Some quick fixes for mild cases of the winter blues.

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Body confidence – loving what you have

in Lifestyle/Philosophies by

It’s your body. Wear it proudly.

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