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Ch Ch Ch Changes

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My first piece for Leipzig Zeitgeist (LZ) about Leipzig Ballet was when Mario Schröder first appeared on the scene. It felt right. I was new. The company as we now know it was new. I went to my first after party that night. I mainly watched, but I did meet some people that would enrich my life. I must say it’s a far cry from my current after party shenanigans. How many years has it been? Five! It feels like yesterday and yet, like a lifetime.

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Arts and Culture: an illustrated narrative of Tanzoffensive 2015

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This weekend was so packed with things to do in Leipzig that I almost just stayed home from the sheer pressure of making the decision. In the end I opted for my passion, dance. And what better place to experience that than at TANZOFFENSIVE. It’s a two-week festival organized by The Lofft that takes place every two years and never disappoints me. This year’s theme is “Show.” They are seeing how close contemporary dance can get to circus, street dance and social dance and still be considered an art form.

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