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Harald Köpping Athanasopoulos

Harald Köpping Athanasopoulos has 28 articles published.

Handwerk, neoliberalism and the disappearing cure to alienation

in Philosophies/Society by

The left, which should have taken them seriously, has blamed their dissatisfaction with the political system on low levels of education and unjustified fears of globalisation, adding insult to injury.

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The treasures of Leipzig’s small book shops

in Business/Literature/My Leipzig by

Any book you want, and with a smile.

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The renaissance of space exploration

in Society/Travel by

This is an unprecedented moment in human history: The discovery of life on another world is likely to occur within our lifetime.

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Eilenburg and the terrorist next door

in Opinion/Politics by

When al-Bakr looked out the window, he would have seen the glorious Eilenburg Castle. I went around to investigate what he was like.

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Insider guide to the lakes around Leipzig

in My Leipzig/Places to see by

It looks like the weather will remain good for the next couple of weeks… perhaps it is time to do a little exploring.

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Total déjà vu – Independence Day: Resurgence

in Culture / Entertainment/Movies/Reviews by

As you may have guessed from the posters, the aliens are headed back to earth looking even scarier, and having an even bigger spaceship.

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