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Eliakim Araújo 1941-2016

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Were it not for this legacy and love, you probably would not be reading this.

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Dealing with grief on the screen

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Small-time mafia, gentrification of the Bronx, drugs, secret love, bullying, racism, good food and wine, this show has many things to quench the viewer’s thirst for more.

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A darker shade of “Orange”

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Personal musings and tease for Orange is the New Black Season 4. http://leipglo.com

Shit’s getting dark in Season 4 of Netflix series “Orange is the New Black.” Get an inciting but not-too-revealing look right here.

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“Love” according to Judd Apatow

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Now, Apatow presents Love to Netflix audiences. At first, I refused to watch it precisely because of the title. The theme is trite, to say the least. But I should've known better. As I'd come to find out, Love offers a more realistic portrayal of love than pretty much any romantic comedy I've seen before, on the big or small screen. Apatow, the series's writer and producer, has outdone himself. http://leipglo.com

The final season is now out on Netflix!

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Review: “Lamb” and “Deutschland 83”

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These two screen gems are/were a delight to watch, even if one may be a bit more like rough coal to some.

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