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Rejection’s ramifications

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In rejection, we not only feel hurt but it seems more than that.

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ThrowBack Poetry: My most heartfelt breakup poem ever

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I remember exactly the moment when I wrote this poem (which I published on my old blog some years ago), though not exactly the date. I was standing in my kitchen drinking a glass of water. Suddenly, I felt a big pang. I looked at the blender nearby. I thought of my heart spinning in…

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ThrowBack Poetry: “Bohemian lover” and falling in love with Wilmington during my crazy mid-20s

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I’ve just found this poem I wrote circa 2010. I’ve come across it fittingly at the moment I’ve begun falling in love with another city that’s a haven for Bohemians and all kinds of creative and free spirits. Leipzig may be the “new Berlin,” but can it become my new Wilmington (North Carolina), in a mode adapted…

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