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Día de Muertos: a Mexican tradition

in History/Philosophies by
día de muertos

Día de Muertos dates back to pre-Hispanic Mexico.

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DOK Preview: discover DEFA and GDR films

in History/Movies by
Vintage camera. (Photo: public domain)

The history of the film studio mirrors that of Germany itself.

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Accidentally kidnapped in Belfast

in History/Politics/Travel by

One wrong turn can lead to discovering the reality of living in a place.

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German mothers then and now

in History by

How has what makes a good mom changed in the 20th century?

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The former Soviet Pavillion

in Cityscapes/History by

Relic or space of the future? a look at the Russian Pavillion

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Leipzig’s Urban Prairie / Leipzig’s Dream Spaces

in Cityscapes/History by

Apart from intellectual and entrepreneurial freedom, Leipzig exhibits another type of freedom that is the envy of every growing metropolis: spatial freedom.

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