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Jacob Tremblay dazzles in “Room”

in Movies/Opinion by
Jacob Tremblay as Jack and Brie Larson as Joy in the acclaimed indie drama "Room" (2015.) Movie review from leipglo.com.

Review and musings on the acclaimed indie drama and its rising young star – and where to catch the flick in Leipzig.

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German mothers then and now

in History by

How has what makes a good mom changed in the 20th century?

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Andreas Kemper’s take on today’s AfD

in Politics by

Kemper explains the agendas of the groups that form the AfD and why it is dangerous to underestimate them.

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Opinion: Why we are responsible for Brussels

in Glocal/Opinion/Politics by

“It is an obvious problem that those feeling ostracised by society turn into suicidal assassins.”

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Relearning how to live (with the ‘other’)

in Politics/Refugees by

“Because we barely know the personal stories of the refugees, we tend to not see them as peers. But… behind our ‘worries’ is also racism, classism and other expressions of prejudice.”

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