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23-26 March

The one and only Leipzig Book Fair!

There are literally hundreds of events going on all over town.

From 23 March

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24, 30, 31 March
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24-26 March

24 March

Uwe Scholz’ Die Große Messe, which premiered in 1998, is one of the prime examples of this former director and head choreographer of the Leipzig Ballet’s legacy. Mozart’s Great Mass in C minor, begun in 1782, was left uncompleted at his death (not unlike his Requiem). Scholz did not use his choreography to try to fill in the holes left in the piece, but rather tried to emphasize the fragmentary elements of the work by adding other sacred works by Mozart, as well as Gregorian works, modern compositions, and the spoken word. Using the atmosphere of spirituality and piety supplied by Mozart’s music, as well as the great questions of faith (and, therefore, the great questions of humanity) inherent in the text, Uwe Scholz, who died in 2004, created an endlessly fascinating ballet. This unique cooperation between vocal soloists, opera chorus members, the Gewandhaus Orchestra and the Leipzig Ballet makes for an unforgettable experience.

25 March

26 March

27 March

Yay! He’s coming! Read about him. He’s amazingly dynamic!

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31 March

Read from her and catch her performance at Horns Erben. She’s loads of fun on stage and very talented.

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5 May

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