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America’s Pegida

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President-elect Donald Trump in 2011. Photo: Gage Skidmore, flickr

“In America, Donald Trump has climbed to the top of the early polls for the Republican nomination. And in Germany a sizeable but still minority portion of the population has xenophobic or racist tendencies. The question is if the Pegida or the Trump strategies have long-term staying power or if their impact is only temporary or sporadic.”

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#GoingGlocal: “Thank you for your letter,” Part II

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No planes, no ships needed – the world cruise can be undertaken in four days, on foot, by bike, by tram to the Leipzig Book Fair.

Part II of this five-part series depicts the beginning of the accidental pen-pal relationship between Diana growing up in the GDR and a girl growing up in the Soviet Union – the pivot of the whole story. We welcome readers to share their transnational cultural experiences with us, as well.

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Intercultural relationships

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What happens when love turns into routine and familiarity? Do intercultural boundaries tend to be a higher hurdle than the usual ones?

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Ezra Furman: this summer’s must-listen

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Our live music expert is in trouble this week. Busy schedules leave no room to experience live music, and the band she wishes to see most is not coming to Leipzig at all. So all she can do is listen to their record while commuting or working in the garden and watch out for future concerts.

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A South African Typ and what he eats

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Our culinary columnist today explores a South African friend’s food culture, having learned a lot of interesting expressions, traditions and memories from his life she hadn’t known before, but among which she found “incredible” commonalities with her own food culture.

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Excited Musketeer fan organises gig

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“People, do you know the blend of happiness and surprise after trying out something completely new and seeing that something work out well immediately? This blog post is about a recent ‘something’ like that and at the same time about music, spontaneity, friends and one of my favourite venues in Leipzig.”

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