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I left Leipzig but Leipzig never left me

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Fellow journalist and blogger Débora Miranda describes how moving from Lisbon to Leipzig changed her life. Several years later, it has led her to write a book about her experiences as a European (and world) citizen since that very first step in 2006.

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A recovering “White Knight” reinterprets Keats

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Circe, a Greek mythological figure

Our literature columnist today adds literary, philosophical and psychological depth to the “White Knight Syndrome” in relationships, or the need to rescue a troublesome (potential) partner, drawing from a Keats poem, mythology and a plethora of femme fatales, and personal experience and interpretation.

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Theater review – “The Mysterious Mr. Love”

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Characters in The Mysterious Mr. Love, production by English Theatre, Leipzig.

Our guest writer today, Leipzig-based Australian Luciana Thompson, gives a synopsis, her impressions, some surprises and general experience seeing her first theater play in English in Leipzig since moving here from Melbourne a couple years ago.

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Leipzig Events: Leipzig jazz choir performs in Taucha, June 7

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The Leipzig-based jazz choir Jazzchor Chornfeld, which sings both jazz standards and famous pop songs, invites people to go listen to them in Taucha this Sunday. Entry is free.

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It’s going down the Bach

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Via wit, history and video, our music columnist explores groundbreaking – and very cool – contributions to the fabric of classical music (and contemporary rock too) by Johann Sebastian Bach, timeless Leipzig celebrity, as Bach Festival approaches, 12-21 June.

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Glocal spotlight: Gaia Manco, “The Leipziger”

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Interview with Gaia Manco, founder of The Leipziger. http://leipglo.com

“I am a Wahlleipzigerin, and I’d like to say I always will be. Leipzig is particularly meaningful to me because moving to Leipzig meant moving in together with my husband Frank. It sounds super traditionalist to say it this way, but my husband and I never really lived together until after we got married. We simply didn’t live in the same country and sometimes not even in the same continent!
We chose Leipzig because it was a city where we, with our poorly paid intellectual professions, could live well. Much better than in England, where I lived at the time!”

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