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Distillery goes silver, but never grey

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A look at Distillery’s humble beginnings and its future with Martin Driemel.

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Dresdner 59: Reudnitz’s multicultural hub

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Community events mural outside Dresdner 59. (Photo: Ana Ribeiro)

On 24 August, the community center at Leipzig East will spotlight Irish culture.

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Changing minds one hood at a time

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What is art? Diana Wesser and Antje Rademacker take art out of the dusty old museum and brings it to the street in Leipzig. Saturday is your chance to discover Grünau through the eyes of locals.

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Born again: tale of a blood cancer survivor

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A blood cancer patient shares the tale of the bone marrow transplant that saved her life. (Public domain photo)

Inside a young blood cancer patient’s thoughts, ordeal, and ultimate connection with a life-saving blood marrow donor. The AIAS student group tells us how we can help the cause in Leipzig, as well.

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#LEIPZIGLeute: for and about you

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We know how interested you are in people and their stories, so we’ve launched #LEIPZIGLeute.

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In response to local demand, we have started this page listing services available in English and other languages that could help international people. It will include craftspeople, accountants and others. Ideally the list is to be based on recommendations. If there’s anyone you’d like to suggest, please write to us at contact@leipglo.com so we can…

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