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Sauna in Finland: chamber of male secrets

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They need to let it all out somewhere, and they do it sitting in an “oven” naked and vulnerable with other dudes.

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Review: “Bowlingtreff”

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What if I told you the abandoned building you pass by everyday was once revolutionary and palace-like inside?

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Our guide to DOK Fest 2015

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The 58th edition of Leipzig’s big documentary film festival is coming to town Oct. 26-Nov. 1. Don’t miss it! Here’s the lowdown.

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Special: Mini-documentary on Glasgow’s Fear No Colours Theatre Group in Leipzig

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For those of you who haven’t had a chance to see the absolutely mind- and soul-shaking rendition of Cleansed by the new Glasgow-based Fear No Colours Theatre Group – and for those who’d like a glimpse into what has driven its director and actors, and shaped the characters – I’ve put together a video narrative from a backstage chat I had with them and from their performance I attended Saturday, June 13, at Leipzig’s Neues Schauspiel. Stick ’til the end of the video to hear how they liked Leipzig. https://youtu.be/3L7K4wgnb1Y

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“Kaschubischer Filmabend” in Leipzig (Mar 26)

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Von Facebook: ‘Vorführung einer ARTE-Produktion von Adama Ulrich und dem fernsehbuero Berlin – aus der Reihe „Vergessene Völker Europas: Die Kaschuben“. Die Autorin selbst erzählt von ihrer langen Faszination über Polen und den sagenhaften Kaschubenland. Es wird Kaschubisch gespeist, man kann sich ebenso in dieser alten slawischen Sprache mit einer der Hauptprotagonisten, Jolanta Drywa, unterhalten.’…

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