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English Theatre Leipzig: Body Awareness

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Can a stranger in our environment open our eyes to our effect on those around us?

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Did you say, “Cunt Hammer?”

in Culture / Entertainment/Stage/What's on by

We’re all very silly people and this seems like the silliest way to perform.

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Interview: How English helps integration

in Jobs/Refugees by

Ever wondered how to employ over 1 million refugees? Chris Pyak – our expert hero of the week – explains why it won’t be a problem.

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Travel and being a total foreigner

in Travel by

In China, I was blissfully a toddler; as soon as I returned to Germany, I was reminded of my inadequacy.

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Leipzig Events: Stand-up comedy in English at Stoned this Saturday

in Culture / Entertainment by

An international team of Berlin-based comedians will come to Leipzig this Saturday to start off August just right – with raucous laughter (hopefully).

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April 30-May 6: Movies shown in #Leipzig in English and other original languages, film festival continues

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If last movie week you didn’t catch the alternative film festival Mythos Freiheit: Körper at the naTo Cinémathèque Leipzig, you will have a couple more opportunities this time around. In addition, the same cinema this movie week will feature its Iranische Filmtage, or “Iranian Film Days.” There will also be an installment of the running feature, Russisches Kino, or “Russian Cinema,”…

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