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Fighting creatively for love and career abroad

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Eva and Wolfram fell in love during her exchange and backpacking in Europe. Photo courtesy of Eva Lee.

How do you build a bridge over 9,000 kilometers?

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jobs in english, leipglo jobs list

These are jobs for international people currently advertised in English for Leipzig and the region – a diversity of vacancies perhaps surprising to those just beginning to explore this market. We have changed our page and added a search engine and more jobs imported from the web. Navigate down for our JOBS SEARCH feature. The…

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No vacation time left? Why not make it a working vacation?

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Throwback Poetry: Hallucinations with aliens and booze while bored in the #cubible one Saturday

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The Saturday when I wrote this poem was one of the uneventful ones, when I really felt the oppression of the cubicle around me and wished I was intoxicated. So this hallucinatory piece came out, involving alcohol, vandalism and making out with aliens, along with other activities not approved by Corporate.

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