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May 06, 2015

#MoviesOmU: Original foreign language version showings in Leipzig, May 7-13

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Here’s our Wednesday listing of non-dubbed (OmU, OF, OV, etc.) movies being shown at Leipzig cinemas for the next seven days. They usually have German subtitles, so you can still access the movie if you don’t know the original language but know some German. This movie week, the Iranische Filmtage, or “Iranian Film Days,” continues at the Cinémathèque in der naTo, and the periodically running feature, Russisches Kino, or “Russian Cinema,” is still on at Cineplex. Our listing indicates, when possible, which language they are being played in, the genre, etc. For movie descriptions, just click on the titles.

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“Vikings” TV series review

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Vikings is a series I returned to after being disappointed watching the first episode. Being very interested in early clan and nomadic folk from an early age, I thought a series from The History Channel would be compelling and have some
historical accuracy. However, I think The History Channel was probably trying to emulate the success of series like Spartacus, Rome, The Tudors and the other loosely-based historically-set series which, just like super hero films, fill our
flickering screens.

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