August 2015

Not-so-totally-touristy guide to Spain intro

After this Monday intro and for the next three Saturdays, I will share tips, tales and tattle with you on my simultaneously relaxing and somewhat crazy ride through Spain earlier in August. First things first: How did I get on the ride?


#IBUgDIARY 2015 Day 3…we are family

If it's pretty, is it art? Or does it have to create a dialogue? IBUg artists collaborate


Podcast: Hypepzig in history


The historian featured has been led and also chosen to build his life and career in his native Leipzig, to make it his homebase while traveling to conferences and meetings globally.


Leipzig Events: No Plans for Saturday August 29th? Problem Solved!

If you still don’t know what to do Saturday, then why don’t you check these out? 29th August ► Drachenbootfestival – Dragonboat festival at Cospudener See Local teams race with their abundantly decorated dragon boats, dressed in matching outfits. More info (in German) on event page. 29th August ► Klassik Airleben – Opening of the


#IBUgDIARY 2015 Day 2… livin in a gangSTAR’s paradise

It’s the second morning of waking up in a room that looks more like an installation than a place to sleep. 60+ artists here from all over the world are sleeping on blow-up mattresses, rafts or yoga mats. I’m greeted by the sun coming through the window and lighting the hospital green draping randomly hanging

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