IBUg 2014

#IBUg2015, here I come!

About 3 years ago I went to a talk at HALLE 14 Spinnerei. Several people were presenting their bigger art projects/festivals. I actually went because a friend of mine was pitching and I wanted to support them. I came away being very excited about another project, IBUg. In late August, the timing was always bad because I taught summer school when it was on. This year I have no summer school and I’m going early so I can bring you daily interviews and photo galleries as the artists work. I’m super super excited! And what perfect timing because it’s their 10th anniversary!

So why am I so excited? What’s IBUg anyway?

It all started when German artist Tasso of the famous Ma´Claim graffiti crew held an unofficial graffiti meeting. Now it’s grown into an international urban arts festival showcasing graffiti, street art and urban mixed art.

IBUg feels these types of art are valuable and don’t get enough exposure and recognition. They are also crossing generations by taking abandoned buildings that once were full of workers. These buildings are the blank canvases that, once used, will be filled with sounds only people can make. The festival draws thousands of visitors with its colourful program of movies, an art market, and panel discussions as well as new innovations like a music lounge and collaborations with local companies; and of course the traditional IBUg-party with top DJs. It’s definitely worth going to Plauen for. Actually Plauen alone is worth a visit, but the two combined are simply delicious.

The festival runs 28-30 of August, but I’ll be there to bring you what’s going on behind the scenes that whole week.



Here’s the very very exciting list of international artists participating:
Alaniz (Argentina)

ANDY K – Bandits (Dresden, Germany)

AIM – Annemone, Ivo, Maxi (Germany)

Bender Street Art (Hagen, Germany)

Benuz Guerrero (Mexico)

Bond Truluv (Leipzig, Germany)

Chinagirl Tile Art (Vienna, Austria)

Christian Rug (Leipzig, Germany)

Christoph Kukla (Rockstock, Germany)

Chromeo Paintings & Koala (Switzerland)

Claire Fruit (France)

Farbgefühl (Jena, Germany)

Farid Rueda (Mexico)

Florian Huber (Hamburg, Germany)

Gebrüder Onkel (Germany)

Guido Zimmermann (Frankfurt, Germany)

Herr Orm (Germany)

HiFi (Germany)

HNRX (Austria)

Innerfields (Berlin, Germany)

Kera1 (Germany)

Loomit(Munich, Germany)

Madame Moustache (Montpellier, France)

Miezwars / Fogel Junge (Leipzig/Berlin, Germany)

Monarch (Erfurt, Germany)

Odourodessa (Nürnberg, Germany)

Papa Gallosch (Halle, Germany)

Quintessenz (Berlin, Germany)

Raffael Jesche (Germany)

Pinche + Maii (Spain)

Simo (Hamburg, Germany)

Superfreunde (Leipzig, Germany)

TASSO (Meerane, Germany)

TECK (Ukraine)

Theo Eifrig (Germany/France)

THREEHOUSE (Leipzig, Germany)

Tshunc / Royal TS (Germany)

Ulrik Myrtue (Aarhus, Denmark)

Zone56 (Germany)

Ines – Kunsthaus Eigenregie (Germany)


Pärra Ruskig Andreasson (Malmo, Sweden)

Pani / Ajja / Alexandra Renfors (Malmo, Sweden)

Sehrinde17 (Jena, Germany)

lagqaffe / Florian Bölike (Dresden, Germany)…


Artist, curator and writer: maeshelle west-davies gleans her varied life experiences to expose a personal perspective through a multitude of mediums.

Leipzig city center. Photo: Stefan Hopf
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