Leipzig Events: TGIW(weekend)! Here are a few suggestions to start your leisure days tastefully with…

Hungry, anyone?
Hungry, anyone?

Hungry for local history?

24th – 30th August Festwoche 800 Jahre Miltitz

Miltitz has been part of Leipzig since 1998, but during this week the locals celebrate their 800 year existence as an independent community. More info (in German) on event page.

Hungry for art?

Steve Lewis "Where Were You When…?” Oil on Canvas 2015
Steve Lewis
“Where Were You When…?”
Oil on Canvas

27th-29th August  Post Americana – exhibit at Galerie Potemka

This exhibit “will include paintings by Steve Lewis (www.stevelewisart.com) and video installations from Daniel Caleb Thompson. The opening reception is at 7pm on Thursday, August 27th and will be open 3PM to 8PM on the 28th and 29th.” More info (in English) on event page.

Hungry for food?

28th & 29th August Eat! Eat! Eat! – international food festival at Scheibenholtz

Part of Leipzig 1000 celebrations. A feast of international food, music and culture at the race course. Info (in English) on event page.

Hungry (or thirsty) for… water adventure?

30th August Paddeltour – Guided canoeing trip

Wie wild darf der Pleiβe sein? How wild should the river Pleiβe be? Guided canoe tour on the river with people from Naturkundemuseum. You need to make a reservation. More info (in German) on event page.

Check out tomorrow’s LeipGlo for more going on this weekend (particularly on Saturday)!

– From Marjon Borsboom, Daniel Leon and Ana Beatriz Ribeiro

maeshelle’s tips:

 "kryptonite" by martin feistauer at ponyhof galerie

“kryptonite” by martin feistauer at ponyhof galerie

27 August  Opening  – PAMAF

After a lot of legwork…often while wearing Joop, PAMAF is ready to open it’s doors and bring you it’s first group exhibition featuring Susanna Balogh, Eisenmangel and Martin Feistauer. Wish I could be there to see it! I wrote about Martin’s work several years ago when he installed “Krytonite” at ponyhof galerie. It is a playful mix of text, colour and the use of the existing space. And since the style incorporated eliments of urban art, it is pretty ironic that I’m covering IBUg during this opening. I’m quite curious to see what he has done at PAMAF and will do so as soon as I get back.

HI Ei - Marco Meiran
HI Ei – Marco Meiran

27 August  Medium:Revisited  – Haute Presents (BERLIN)

First birthday of my favourite gallery in Berlin, Haute Presents. On offer…fun fun fun…..and:

Brandt Parker Art is an American artist whose work embraces the inner fantasy world of the surreal. Working with mediums from chalk-pastel, colored pencil, and oil paint, Parker creates dream landscape scenes that engage a distorted childlike imagination. Parker states his influences coming from dreams, legends, myths, and the animal kingdom, all of which merge together in a wonderfully discombobulating theatricality of the deaths of one’s mind; where child meets its adult self.

Andrea Galad is an artist from Robereto, a small town in the North of Italy. Since his childhood, he has shown aptitude for drawing, lines and color. His photography career began in 2009 with a simple white wall as a background and with the window as his source of light. Inspired by Neo-Classicalism and an interest in mythology and palentology, Galad seeks to create dynamism influenced by dance. This allows him to explore the movement of the body fully in his artwork creating vivid and expressive poses. Galad wishes to rediscover the bestial and divine through snapshots of dreams, transporting ones subconscious into reality.

dhadmann also known as David Hinojosa, is a Mexican new media artist who lives between Mexico and Berlin. With a background in software engineering, his works take on an interest in participative and interactive works that explore new spaces, such as the Internet. Seeing the internet as a democratic media, an environment that is open to all, DHADmann creates hybrid artworks with the virtual (the online) and its physical counterpart (the offline).

Marco Meiran builds up his final piece using a number and variety of sources, from magazine images that he draws directly onto in an abstract, painterly way. Playing with mass-media collages and building up with materials and images leads to a deconstruction of representation, from the mass produced magazine page to a large scale abstracted aesthetic reduced to the simplified form of geometric shapes.

GH36, Grosse Hamburger Strasse 36, 10115, Berlin


Marjon is Dutch and came to Leipzig in August 2013 with her family, because her husband got a job in the area. At the time she still had her own copywriting company, producing Dutch texts for websites, press releases, brochures, etc. She is an avid social media user and a passionate (digital) networker. Marjon has a degree in tourism management, which partially explains why she is always on the look-out for interesting Leipzig events and attractions.

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