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Alessio Trevisani's Metamorphosis
Alessio Trevisani’s Metamorphosis

In our increasingly more and more virtual world dancers move about in would be placenta. They are evolving, but from what to what and through which means? Choreographer and director Alessio Trevisani explains, “While choreographing the piece I suddenly realized that first and foremost my body is nature. If I was looking for nature I only had to touch my skin and enter my body through movement, through perception and through awareness.” This revelation left him in tears.

Metamorphosis deals with nature, myths and their relevance to mankind. No matter how well we adapt to modernity with all its technology, we are…and will remain….biological.  30 dancers from 19 to 82 share the same biology and stage.

Company of Leipziger Tanztheater and guests
Choreography and Regie. Alessio Trevisani

Premiere Thursday 24.09 2015 at 8.00 @ Schaubühne Lindenfels in Leipzig. Karl Heine Straße 50

further performances Friday and Saturday 8: pm 

Karneval der Tiere, Leipzig Ballet © Kirsten Nijhof
Karneval der Tiere, Leipzig Ballet © Kirsten Nijhof

A special treat for kids big and small, we get to see the work of budding choreographer 
Bjarte Emil Wedervang Bruland. The piece looks to be full of fun and humour. Just listen to the music. Composer Camille Saint-Saëns needed something light after a disastrous tour of Germany. so he retreated to a small Austrian village where he wrote  Carneval for the Animals. For two pianos, two violinsviolacellodouble bassflute (and piccolo), clarinet (C and B), glass harmonica, and xylophone. It became one of his signature works.  It wasn’t so much about animals themselves, but a humorous representation of his work and that of his 1886 musical contemporaries. During his lifetime, he only allowed it to be performed three times. He released the “swan” independently  for the famous ballerina Anna Pavlova under the title “The Dying Swan”. I’m very curious to see how and if Emil transforms that. He also designed the costumes. I am totally digging that blue bird!!!!

Premiere 25.09, Konzertfoyer Opernhaus
further performances 27.09 / 4.10 / 7.10/ 8.10 / 11.10

Nicola and Peter Seaton-Clarke in The mysterious Mr Love from English Theatre Leipzig
Nicola Chapman and Peter Seaton-Clark in The mysterious Mr Love from English Theatre Leipzig

I know that woman. She works hard to please. She’s not afraid of her own shadow, but she is afraid of her own reflection. Or at least the one she sees in the mirror. When she meets Mr. Love she likes the reflection of herself in his eyes. That empowers her. But who is this “mysterious Mr. Love”? We know him too. He’s a dandy. Looking sharp. Catching eyes…..the ones with the long lashes. He knows it. He uses it.

Under the direction of Tom Bailey, superb performances from Nicola Chapman and Peter Seaton-Clark will be on offer next week. It will definitely be sold out, so get your tickets NOW:

Fri 2 and Sat 3 Oct@ Neues Schauspiel Leipzig

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