Leipzig city center. Photo: Stefan Hopf
Leipzig city center. Photo: Stefan Hopf

Openings and Premieres: week of 29 Sept- 5 Oct


Stimmungsmache/ Make-believery

Sept 29 ► Stimmungsmache/Make-believery by Suzan NoesenGap Offspace

Four installations which include drawings and paintings. The drawings picture mostly expressive body positions representing different emotional states. Upon determining the role of these emotions, the drawings are placed in installations. Inspired by graphic novels, psychology and life’s everyday confrontations, the work addresses intimacy, feminity, identity, belonging and group dynamic.

opening 6-11 Gemeindeamtsstrasse 13, Leipzig, Germany

Nicola and Peter Seaton-Clarke in The mysterious Mr Love from English Theatre Leipzig
Nicola and Peter Seaton-Clarke in The mysterious Mr Love from English Theatre Leipzig

I know that woman. She works hard to please. She’s not afraid of her own shadow, but she is afraid of her own reflection. Or at least the one she sees in the mirror. When she meets Mr. Love she likes the reflection of herself in his eyes. That empowers her. But who is this “mysterious Mr. Love”? We know him too. He’s a dandy. Looking sharp. Catching eyes…..the ones with the long lashes. He knows it. He uses it.

Under the direction of Tom Bailey, superb performances from Nicola Chapman and Peter Seaton-Clark will be on offer next week. It will definitely be sold out, so get your tickets NOW:

Fri 2 and Sat 3 Oct@ Neues Schauspiel Leipzig

cabon copy building

Oct 2 ► Carbon copy building, a comic strip opera from Opera Factory Freiburg @ Westwerk

Although built to exactly the same specifications, architectural twins have very different histories and  are frequented by very different people. Inspired by this curiosity, in 1999 New York composer collective Bang on a Can (Michael Gordon, David Lang, Julia Wolfe) collaborated with the American comic artist Ben Katchor (libretto), creating a work similar to comic strips dialogues with a mix of minimal music, rock and new music.

For Opera Factory Freiburg’s rendition director Joachim Rathke and conductor Klaus Simon have expanded The Carbon copy building to include four pieces of Johann Sebastian Bach’s “Art of Fugue”.

Fri 2 Oct 8.00

further performances
Sat 3 Oct 8.00
Sun 4 Oct 6.00

More info:


Oct 2 ► Spektral@ G11 Reudnitz

Gallery G11 of Spinnerei is going east to bring you the results of the intergenerational project organised between them and Vektor Schule e.V.. What can we learn from 35 artists and 40  kids? The exhibition features a variety of interests, experiences, shapes, and media varieties (painting, film, photography, graphic art, sculpture, objects, installations and performance). This is Leipzig and its constant artistic development.


Fri 2 Oct 6.00 Heinrichstr. 9 04317 Leipzig-Reudnitz

accompanied by a musical performance by Kay Woitzik

Opening hours
2-25 Oct Thur-Sat 3.00-7.00


Sun 25 Oct 6.00

more info


Oct 3 ► Pink Shoe Day@ Augustus Platz

Here’s your chance to participate in a living installation. Each year more than 70,000 people are diagnosed with breast cancer in Germany each year. That’s why Haus Leben is asking you to paint some shoes pink and donate them, along with a little cash, to Pink Shoe Day. Bring shoes or help arrange the ones that have already been donated. In 2013, the first year, we made the spiral from 5000 shoes! more info


treppenhaus galerie NBL

Oct 3 ► Treppenhaus Galerie Kunstkabinen@ Noch Besser Leben

You know those little rooms on the landings between floors? Mine is storage, but I think they were toilets at one time. You may have even lived in a flat where you used them as a toilet. Well, the ones in the building that houses NBL have been turned into little exhibition spaces. The goal is to keep them as exhibition spaces, but this is the first installation. They’ve been there since July, but it’s your last chance to see them because this week is the finissage. Video, drawing, painting, installation….it’s all GOOD!

curated by Westpol A.I.R. Space

• Mikael Eriksson (Kunstkabine 1)
• Carlo Vivary + Marlet Heckhoff (Kunstkabine 2)
Inka Perl (Kunstkabine 3)
Dean Nixon + Volly Tanner (Kunstkabine 4)
• Markus Conrad + Alexander Langberg + Julia Arand (Kunstkabine 5)

Finissage 4.30-9.00 Merseburger Str. 25


Oct 2 ► Paradox by Andrea Garcia and Chris Chros(Ria.is.dead) @ Theatre Impermanent

curated by Buti Sekhalanga

text: Andrea Garcia Vasquez

A structural fiber artist from New Jersey, USA; currently residing in Leipzig, Germany, She received her BFA from the School of Visual Arts, New York City in 2014.SheI focuses primarily on sculpture, installation, and painting, but she executes many projects in different mediums. Her projects are inspired by conceptual and technical forms of weaving. She says to weave is to interlace independent, individual materials and allow for them to become dependent on each other in order to form one united whole.

In present day, the ability to make something by hand or by scratch is rapidly vanishing in the dependence of technology. Technology is also the cause of isolation within humanity today, changing the dynamic of how humans communicate and connect. As a female artist, she purposefully use these craft techniques to produce non-functional art objects to remind us of the sum that we as a community compose; while, also, triggering a visual dialogue between history and present day society. With this approach, she patiently creates tedious, abstract compositions inspired by love, nature, and interaction.


She is a human from earth who uses the process of collage mixed with painting. She collects materials from calenders, magazines and her own photographs and creates abstract pictures with different themes. Please don’t ask her about the sense of her art, because there is none.

Good vibes

Opening from 7.00 Demmeringstr. 74


Artist, curator and writer: maeshelle west-davies gleans her varied life experiences to expose a personal perspective through a multitude of mediums.

Photo: Magdalena Lagaleriade >> http://bit.ly/1oDdK3H
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