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Everyone has their own version of the Europe they expected and the one they found now that they are here. Like all of us Buti Sekhalanga has his story. As a black man, it’s been a rocky road at times, but he’s finding his feet and he wants to help other newcomers do the same by hosting events for refugees and foreigners to perform their music and introduce us to the cuisine of their homelands. According to  him, “It’s a project of inclusion.”

Who is Buti?

You can find him under the fitting name of DJ Cayenne Pepper. He owes his taste in music to his jazz-enthusiast father, Bra Bizza. What his childhood home at his grandmother’s lacked in square footage, it more than made up for it in tunage. By the 90s those influences, plus living in Johannesburg, South Africa created a palette dabbed with hip hop, R&B, blues and fusion new jazz. Then at around 12 he turned to rock, metal and punk. Later he found Dub and Drum and Bass. How’s that for eclectic! He has all kinds of tricks up his sleeve and isn’t afraid to experiment. Wanna listen?

So, that’s his background and that’s why it’s important for him to empower others to bring their music to an audience. He wants to give people the chances he found so hard to access here. The first event is this Friday at Theatre Impermanent and I’m super excited about going! Buti’s African music experience has soley been through jam sessions, street corners, designated bridges and house visits. Now we get a taste of of how the real deal really feels. The performances were gracefully handpicked for a  lasting impression of acoustic African sounds that express joy, love, compassion, heartache and just good, good times.

That, put together with soulful African Food, including vegetarian and vegan options, with different ranges of spiciness and colour. Yum yum, let’s eat!!!!

Performing:Jaques Guerrier from Haiti, Kalilu from Gambia and Yayha Gladiator from Zanzibar. Having seen Jaques perform, I can only say you won’t be disappointed. I’m looking forward to hearing Yayha.

Here’s his bio:

Yayha Gladiator is a 27 year old, self-taught musician from Zanzibar who only started playing guitar and singing at the age of 24. Having grown with a feel and essence of live music, as soon as he picked up the guitar he just excelled musically. Soon after that he joined forces with local musicians in Zanzibar and played in local shows in and around Zanzibar under the name WakushiBand. They recorded a song called Enzi za Mababu listen.


Vokü starts at 19:00
Performers start at 21:00

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