Leipzig city center. Photo: Stefan Hopf
Leipzig city center. Photo: Stefan Hopf

Openings and Premieres: 17-23 Nov

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17 Nov  Sons of Settlers @ Pöge-Haus

Ok, so it’s not exactly your standard premiere, but a premiere of sorts. Through crowd funding Pöge-Haus was able to get a new sound system, so they’re going to show it off with the debut of the album “Lullabies For The Restless”from the South African indie folk/rock band Sons of Settlers.

Pre- and aftershow dj-ing: descanta [groove terrace]

The Pöge-Haus is a  cultural centre with lots of projects going on. Be sure and keep your eye out for what they’re doing next.

tobias christi21 Nov ► Tap Dancing with your Voice workshop  @ Lofft

Call me shallow, but look at that face! Oh and he can dance. No wait! We’re going to dance with our voices! Perfect!

That’s composer and musician Tobias Christi and he wants to enable us to use voice, electronic devices, body percussion, grooves, improvisation and song snippets to express ourselves. heaven! I’M GOING! You too?

11-3 with lunch break and only 8€



19, 21, 22 Nov ► Die Legende von Syd O’Noo  @ Lofft

Have you ever seen Sebasian Weber dance? Seriously a gotta do kind of thing. Here’s his latest work, a collaboration with STÉPHANE Bittoun. It’s a performance. It’s a film. It’s a story. It’s all the way live…. music, tap and emotions.

check it out


reudnitz info21 -28 Nov ► 5. Leipziger Stadtteilexpedition: Reudnitz Nordordost!

You know this award winning project, right? We’ve written about it. It’s where, among other things, we met Pam de Bahr. Now it’s part 5 and it’s in a new place for you to explore on a personal level. Remember? It’s brilliant! You get a map with locations and there are people from the neighbourhood there to greet you. If you’ve ever wanted to see Detroitnitz……..now’s the time!


Sat 21 November 3-6 start the clock! 
setting up in Fischladen and a roundtable discussion

Sun 22 November 3-6
Smalltalk Exchange Café: new and improved!
They bake cakes and in return, we (Reudnitz residents) tell them what is what, what should be and what couldn’t be better.

Mon 23 Nov -Thur 26 Nov
Project Week & IdeasLab *
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Sat 28 November 
Leipzig district Expedition Reudnitz North *
-> 1-4 tour 1
-> 5-8 tour 2

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