In 2013 I was blown away by the LOFFT’s TANZOFFENSIVE. I am so happy they are continuing to work within the realms of mixed ability dance.

Always top quality. Always on the edge. Genuinely my favourite for dance in Leipzig.

dance transit

In Dance Transit the LOFFT – Das Theater in Leipzig, HELLERAU – European Centre for the Arts in Dresden and Tanec Praha unite for a dance festival. Leipzig will present the second edition of the three part series with three choregraphic works over three days. Each show represents one of the partnering cities: PRAGUE, LEIPZIG, DRESDEN. The common thread that binds them is they are mixed ability dance pieces.



VerteDance Company / Prague

Where is the line of convention? What is right? What is wrong? And what remains invisible? Four artists from Prague – with or without handicaps – jointly discover new ways to embody gentle touch, vigorous moves and heavy blows.


Superyoutour Dinovitz/Lebert + Tanzlabor Leipzig

Potatoes – the solution to every problem! This is a trip through the chaos of everyday life. Snappy and soft, bitter and breezy.


multifil identity – inclusive dance theater Dresden

Thumbnails of dance unleash new communication pulses between the performers and the audience.

The stage is a mirror that confronts us using our own emotions.

dance transit composite


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