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nothing as everything9 Dec NOTHING AS EVERYTHING + The Tree Never Grown @ GFZK

NOTHING AS EVERYTHING. Mystic Philosophies and the Avant-garde.
Jonas Grawert (1986)
GfZK// Biblithek, 9.12.2015 , 7 p.m.
The development of abstract painting in the modern era has been heavily motivated by the search for a spiritual art. Some of the most radical approaches to painting, e.g. Malevich’s Black Square, are modern depictions of the absolute. In their attempt to find forms for the formless, to represent that, which transcends all representation, they evoke similarities to the language of mysticism. Important topics of modern art, likeemptiness and nothingness, are frequently used metaphors for the absolute in mysticism – as well as infinity, and totality. The unity of these opposites lies at the heart of the mystic experience – it is the revelation of the identity of nothing and everything, of the self and the whole of existence.
This talk will trace the ways in which the idea and experience of this unity has been put into pictures, and unfold the striking formal continuities in these depictions through putting the modern works in context with works from other times and cultures.

The Tree Never Grown
Barbora Fastrová (1988, Prague) & Johana Pošová (1985, Prague)
GfZK// Garden, 9.12.2015
Czech collaborators Johana Pošová and Barbora Fastrová will create a series of interventions in the GfZK garden. These installations will address themes such as the possibility of a reconnection with nature, if nature itself is a cultural concept. They examine the phenomenon of the supernatural, asking if it is not simply a part of the world that science and rationality has not (yet?) supplied the tools to understand. Can we understand and decode this reality via rituals?

liebe performance oper

Performance from England, Taiwan, Czech Republic and Germany
Zierle & Carter, Jiri Surůvka, Benjamin Sebastian,
Lan Hungh

Ulrike Jahn

Orchestra EUSka Kore
Marec Matikainen, Sven Grimmer, Julia Friedemann,
Jule Strubel and Conrad

musical direction
Marec Kainen

Franziska Eißner

The performance Opera is an experiment. And: The performance-opera will be the first production of its kind and thus a world premiere. As artistic means of opera combine instrumental and choral music, international performance art and media art are substantially available. The formal model and structure is the ancient Greek tragedy. Each performance of the performance Opera is so unique that is a work of art in itself and not repeatable.




Artist, curator and writer: maeshelle west-davies gleans her varied life experiences to expose a personal perspective through a multitude of mediums.

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