Openings and Premieres: 15-21 Dec

in Allgemein

bitterfeld15¬†Dec¬†‚ĖļFranziska Klose with¬†Bitterfeld presentation and discussion@¬†GFZK

Franziska Klose, Michael Barthel and Helmut Völter

In Franziska Klose’s book we see a new wilderness that was once Bitterfeld’s factories, industrial fog and mountain of pollution. It’s there now, but we know it is only temporary.

This would make a great gift to give or to keep.


17 Dec¬†‚ĖļVE√üO@¬†Westwerk

‘One shot’ with Ana√Įs Goupy, John Mirabel, Valerio Figuccio, Kevin Senant und Neven Allanic.

Be prepared to be intrigued and electrified.

6 until

back entrance of main building

18-22 Dec¬†‚ĖļWeihnachtstube@¬†CU

RICHARD TAL presents:

Pietr Baran | Gudrun Petersdorff | Titus Schade | Thomas Geyer | Sebastian Gögel | Jana Mertens | Kay Schwarz | Martin Ghee | André Löser Iska Kaek | Philipp Weber


Kolonnadenstr. 9, 04109 Leipzig, Germany

18-22 Dec, 3.00-8.00

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 09.22.47
Quintessenz installation Hamburg, photo Quintessenz

20 Dec¬†‚ĖļEverything is borrowed finissage¬†@ Galerie Hier + Jeztz

You read the article, right?

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