Times Square the morning after NYE, Photo credit: Anthony Quintano via Visual hunt / CC BY

NYE and New Year’s DAY prep starts NOW


It’s been a week since you survived the long lines at the grocery store and here it is, another holiday. I can say it’s a jungle out there. Yesterday I went to my local, and highly frequented I might add, Mc Geitz and had accidentally forgotten my wallet, so I said I’d need to run home and get it and be right back. You’d think I was trying to steal something by the reaction I got. I almost didn’t go  back, but I really needed that €3 big salad bowl. I think they are just super nervous with all the fireworks and teens coming in. When I went back they were checking an old lady’s bag to make sure she hadn’t stolen anything. I will seriously think long and hard before going back in.

If you haven’t been here on New Year’s Eve before, midnight may be a bit of a shocker.

NO confetti and streamers, NO kissing, NO singing, NO dancing. The streets will be full of people shooting off fireworks. They will start early and don’t care if you are on a car or a bike. You may have already heard people shooting them off the past few days, like I have. This year it’s unusually warm, but I have had -30 New Year’s Eves and that was no deterrent.

Sparklers are a must!   Photo via dootdorin via Visualhunt
Sparklers are a must!
Photo via dootdorin via Visualhunt

So, you have several New Year’s Eve options:

Buy some fireworks and join in.

Just stand in the street and watch.

Go to Augustusplatz where it will be mayhem.

Watch from your balcony.

My best experience was watching from our roof garden. There were fireworks going off 360° and I knew this was not something the city had hired, but people joining to create the show.

Meanwhile, most shops will close around 1.00 tomorrow and reopen 2 Jan. That means today is the best shopping day and after 6.00 it will be the same long line story as last week.




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