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Type “travel work remotely” into Google and 35,900,000 results come up. Twitter is full of people who are “homeless by choice.” Companies like Remote Year organise everything. You just give them $27,000 (5k down and 2k a month for the first 11 months) and they arrange travel, accommodation, 24 hour access co-working space plus activities and events in each of the cities you stay in. You stay in each city for a month so you get more than just the tourist quick look experience.

You can sublet your home or get rid of it and put your things in storage. Or just free yourself of things entirely. The internet and the laptop have revolutionised the way we work. There are so many people who use modern technology to live on the road that there is a term for them, “digital nomads.” This May DNX will be having their second conference in Berlin.









So, what kind of jobs can you do remotely? Here are the top 10:

email marketer

promotional video maker

freelance writer

web or graphic designer


customer service management

crowdsourcing manager

android or iPhone developer

e-book publisher

And even if you don’t want to live on the road, you could do any of those jobs from Leipzig.








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