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Openings and Premeires: 26 Jan-2 Feb

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el nino

27 Jan Artist Talk, Owen Gump–El Niño@ Museum der bildenden Künste

Owen Gump in conversation with Jana Baumann, PhD (Städel Museum, Frankfurt am Main)

Wed 27 Jan 6pm

The talk is presented in conjunction with the exhibition:
Owen Gump – El Niño
XI. Leipziger Volkszeitung Art Award
Exhibition: 28. November 2015 – 28. February 2016



28 Jan Grassi invites #1: fremd@Grassi Museum

The distinction between “our culture” and “foreign cultures” was institutionally established in Europe when the first ethnological museums opened in the second half of the 19th century. This distinction continues to live on inside and outside the museum, unfolding its socio-political relevance especially at a time when as many people are searching refuge as rarely before. The exhibition “fremd” raises the question of modes of display in ethnological museums and their effects. Which image of the “foreign/er” is constructed? What does it mean to present “foreign cultures” as having no history? Which position and stance do “we”, as spectators, take in the face of the museum’s display? Taking this questioning as a starting point, the exhibition will provide the opportunity to not only discuss the function and future of the ethnological museum but also the notion of “the foreign” as such.

Rebekka Bauer, Juliane Bülow, Jamal Cazaré, Cora Czarnecki, Juanzi Cheng, Julia Dubsky, Charlotte Eifler, Katrin Eßer, Philip Farra, Frank Holbein, Juliane Jaschnow, Deborah Jeromin, Marius Land, Vanessa Opoku, Gregor Peschko, Nicola Piccini, Clara Pötsch, Felix Pötzsch, Nadine Rangosch, Karoline Schneider, Stefania Smolkina, Hanna Stiegeler, Ernst Sylvester, Clara Wieck, Katrin Winkler, Julia Zureck

Benjamin Meyer-Krahmer, Clemens von Wedemeyer, Anke Dyes, Anna Jehle

29 Jan 3.00
fremd – künstlerische Kritik im/am ethnologischen Museum
Workshop with Sophie Goltz, Dr. Benjamin Meyer-Krahmer, Nanette Snoep & Clemens von Wedemeyer

30 Jan 3.00
fremd – workshop results
Dr. Benjamin Meyer-Krahmer, Nanette Snoep, Clemens von Wedemeyer


29 Jan Latifa Laâbissi: Écran Somnambule, Performance@Galerie für Zeitgenössische Kunst

Écran somnambule is a solo, a commission by Boris Charmatz under the auspices of the project Rebutoh at the Musée de la danse in Rennes. Latifa Laâbissi had decided to play with slowing down, distorting and stretching the shortest dance she had ever performed, the solo from Mary Wigman’s renowned Witch Dance. This “expression dance” required total commitment, a combination of ecstasy and sacrifice, and switching between the extreme figures of the witch and the priestess. Based on the filmed 1930 excerpt which only lasts a minute and 40 seconds, the solo expands to run 32minutes, becoming the matrix for the Écran somnambule project. The dance is transformed into a sort of somnambulist’s ritual, leaving a gap which then transfigures its own patterns. In this reinterpretation of the original solo, the dance, removed from its original context, shows us instead a body cantilevered backwards, arms extended, head thrown back, with its face turned to the sky, as if caught inside some invisible spell.

The performance will be followed by an artist talk.

Admission: 5 €
Information and ticket sale:
Katrin Kappenberger


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