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Grace-Frankie-GoodMore and more I think the best gift I got over the holidays was discovering Grace and Frankie. I was allowed to use a Netflix screen. To be honest, at first I didn’t even go there. Then I watched a movie or two. One day a friend (Stew) posted a link to an interview about friendship. Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin were being interviewed. I hadn’t even known they were friends. I liked how they played off each other. It was clear they had been friends for a long time. Who’d have thought?

And then, during the time I gave myself off over Christmas, I was clicking around on Netflix and saw their series, Grace and Frankie, and gave it a try. Within two days I had watched the entire series and now I need season 2 to start!

I really want you to experience it the way I did; with no preconception. What I will say is that it tackles today’s topics in a clever way. Great script, great characters, realistic and contemporary situations.

I am sincerely considering subscribing to Netflix just to watch it.




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