School Holidays: KINO FINO foreign film festival


The kids have off, so now what? There’s a really exciting foreign film festival called KINO FINO on for kids and teens. At only 4.50€ it’s super cheap and includes a workshop run by a native speaker with each film.

Five years ago Eucaris Guillen, who immigrated here from Panama more than 20 years ago, started this film festival that runs during the fall and winter school holidays. “At some point I wanted to show my daughter films in Spanish, but there was just no way to do so.”

What started as a way to bring together kids with foreign languages in a natural and organic way has turned into something much bigger. Film is universal. Regardless of who you are or where you come from, the moving image is a powerful tool to finding yourself and dispelling prejudices.

The non profit, Aktives Gestalten, has also organised collection drives for refugee homes, lectures and panel discussions, and plans to host an International Literary Festival at some point in order to further enrich the cultural landscape of Leipzig. “There are a lot of requests. The film festival is taking more and more space in our club. Our main focus is on the cooperation with the schools. The movies are chosen to ensure they are consistent with the curriculum.”

Miriam Heincuch, press officer of the association, says: “Our offer is aimed at children and young people who grow up with several languages or are just learning a language, but even adults come. We make it easy because we always have German subtitles. ”

3-5 School programs only with reservation

click film for trailer

Sat 6 Feb

11.00 WALL E in Italian

11.00 Lion King in Arabic

2.00 Fantastic Mr Fox in Spanish

2.00 Abel in Spanish (original)

Sun 7 Feb

11.00 Zarafa in French (original)

11.00 How to train you dragon in Spanish

2.00 The Young & Prestigious TS Spivet in English (original)

2.00 Auf dem Weg zur Schule in German

Mon 8 Feb

10.00 Zarafa French (original) Ferienpass with reservation

Tue 9 Feb

1.00 WALL E in English

1.00 Mr. Peabody & Sherman in English

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