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by maeshelle and Stew Tunnicliff

Everyone looks better when they are kissing, right? And for sure they FEEL better. So, what could be better than looking for kissable things? Here’s your chance to do just that and win a prize at the same time.

HomeLE is offering a pair of tickets to their Valentine’s party. They’d like you to post a #kisstagram on homeLE’s fb page or instagram with #homele. Show the world what or who you love by taking a snap of you kissing it or them. Deadline: 7 Feb. The two with the most likes win. #kisstagram winners also win an original RafsArt piece complete with 5 line poem.

HomeLE is a lot like being at home. “Some people even consider taking their shoes off when they enter because they feel like they’ve entered a living room.” says founder Maike. It’s like home, but you don’t have to make dinner or do the dishes. How perfect is that? You can focus on just spending quality low pressure time together.

And they are pulling out all the stops to make a romantic atmosphere with local Argentinian pop artist Edu Lopez performing live. “(Edu’s) music fits perfectly to the romantic mood of Valentine’s Day. His songs are so emotional and a lot of them are about love. When I heard him play here in Leipzig I was just amazed by his voice. I could have listened to him all evening.”

Not long ago Kapuczino interviewed Edu. Since most of his songs are in English, Kapuczino asked him what they were about. His answer: They are love songs, meaning songs that tell a story about love that have happened to me over the course of time. In high school, I liked a girl when I was 15 or so, and that’s when I wrote my first song. Then there’ve been so many personal stories that I turned into songs, but also stories that I’ve seen other people encounter or tell. Sometimes I write the lyrics first, and the song is waiting in the drawer until the right melody pops up. However, most of the time it just falls into place when I pick up the guitar and start playing.

read the whole interview

Valentine´s Special: Edu Lopez in concert!Sunday, February 14

Home LE Georg-Schumann Str. 130 7:30 p.m.

Only 30 tickets available 5€/3€ on Accesito. or at the door if not sold out in advance.

Artist, curator and writer: maeshelle west-davies gleans her varied life experiences to expose a personal perspective through a multitude of mediums.

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