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The second long weekend of May is approaching. It is also the weekend when Eurovision fans from all over Europe watch their country perform an amazingly kitsch song that no one will remember by the end of next month; but for some reason they return to watch the show every year (I happily admit to being one of them). For those who care, the 2016 final is broadcast Saturday, May 14th. And here is my favorite for this year.

Nevertheless, even if you are not a Eurovision fan, this long weekend will be full of music. As we’ve mentioned a few times, once again it’s time for the annual Wave-Gotik-Treffen (WGT). It is taking place from Thursday night to Monday, and here is a guide to the festival.

Last but not least, this long weekend is also RB Leipzig’s big promotion party.

Wave Gotik Treffen 2015 - Photos by Ana Ribeiro and Alla Kliushnyk (31)

12 May

► Noches Latinas in BeyerHaus

When: 20:00

Where: BeyerHaus
(Ernst-Schneller-Str. 6)

Latino Nights is back at BeyerHaus. Salsa courses, tandem to improve your Spanish and of course a lot of music are all part of the programme.

► Friday on my mind: Serius Bjerkelej

When: 20:30

Where: Poniatowski Bar & Restaurant
(Kreuzstraße 15)

I always loved the idea that Thursday evenings should be considered part of the weekend. Therefore people should act accordingly and go for a relaxing drink. The people from Poniatowski probably share this belief and organised (as they often do on Thursdays) a cosy lounge evening with Serius Bjerkelej who will be playing his set.

12-13 May

► Startup Safary

When: all day long

Where: different places all over the city

“In May 2016 Startup Safary Leipzig returns and offers you a chance to have an exclusive look at the most interesting startups in the city! During the 2-day event you can visit startups, accelerators, incubators and co-working spaces and meet their founders and team members. Need a job? Nothing beats visiting the potential company of your dreams first hand. Want to get to know the Leipzig startup ecosystem and network among peers? Join us for our several networking events taking place in startup offices around the city. Workshops, office tours, parties, networking & recruiting sessions are all to be expected!”


12-16 May

► Wave Gotik Treffen (WGT) – the largest Gothic Festival in the world 

Thousands of people dressed in black, and some very extravagantly too. The Goths are coming back in town! Even if it is not your ‘cup of tea’, it can be very entertaining to watch all the beautiful costumes. You’ll find that the atmosphere is very friendly and tolerant. The opening party is the night of May 12th at Belantis, but the festival really gets going on May 13th, with various activities on tap. Marjon’s tip: a picnic at the Clara Park on Friday afternoon.

13 May

► Victorian Village 

When: 11:00-19:00

Where: Arena am Panometer
(Richard-Lehmann-Str. 114)

This is obviously a Wave-Gotik-related organised event, that I imagine it to be like Alice in Wonderland. There will be a tea picnic, workshops, entertainment for children (from 11:00 to 13:00), etc. There is a dress code for the event:  Victorian-inspired outfits along with Steampunk, Fantasy, Romantic Goth, Lolita, and historical costumes. Elegant black is also accepted. No shorts/t-shirts/flipflops or explicit nudity, please.

► ILL reads! Dance Macabre

When: 20:00-22:00

Where: Kultur Café Leipzig Ost
(Eisenbahnstraße 107)

The International Leipzig Library (ILL) will be inviting readers on stage. Karel Ensing opens the evening session with an introduction to five books of his  collection. The common theme is, of course, gothic.

Christophe Roullion, traveller, scientist and poet presents “Danse macabre” – a solo performance with his own pieces in French and English.

13-14 May

► Flea Market at Scheibenholz Racecourse

When: 09:00-16:00

Where: Rennbahnweg 2A

The first of the season, which is also open to WGT 2016 participants. Entrance fee €1 per person, children up to 12 free. There will be pony rides for children between 12:00-16:00 (not free). More info

14 May

► Westbesuch

Where: Plagwitz’s Bürgerbahnhof

A very colourful and eclectic event in the ever exciting ‘wild west’ of Leipzig. Concerts, market, food and street artists will entertain you. More info

Musketeer (Trio) with Edward Merrell

When: 20:00

Where: Poniatowski Bar & Restaurant
(Kreuzstraße 15)

Musketeer is a folk artist and storyteller with fascinating roots in history and literature. He has travelled and busked in many cities across Europe, Australia, & New Zealand, gathering dark and colourful stories from the people and landscapes of those places; and delivering them to audiences through song. Having performed alongside similar kindred folk spirits such as Half Moon Run (Canada) and Dustin Tebbutt (Aus), Musketeer has proved that he is able to compete in the folk industry. Donations directly to the artists.


When: 23:30

Where: Distillery
(Kurt-Eisner-Str. 108)

Oh man sometimes I wish I was a student again… A 24-hour party that sounds so attractive right now.


When: 21:00

Where: Noch Besser Leben
(Merseburgerstr. 25)

16 May

► Homeshake, CAN + Swimming Pool

When: 20:00

Where: somewhere in East Leipzig; the location is not yet known, it will be on the Facebook page of the event, though (follow the link above).

► Wave Gotik Treffen – WGT Finale (Closing Party)

When: 22:00

Where: Moritzbastei
(Universitätsstraße 9)

► RB LEIPZIG made it to the Bundesliga Celebration

When: 15:00

Where: Marktplatz

You have probably heard by now that the football team of Leipzig that a couple of years ago was playing in the fourth league, made it to what is probably the best first league of Europe. That is really good reason to celebrate with the team.

– Special “thank you” goes to Marjon for recommendations!

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