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If you were at Shameless Comedy last month, you remember it. It was pretty packed out and the jokes and laughs were flying right and left. It’s that time again and they are bringing us something slightly different this time: improv. Are you ready?

I asked them a few questions, including the one you all wanted to ask…

MWD: Ok. I’ll address the elephant in the room: why “Cunt Hammer?”

Caroline: Actually, it’s “CǓNT HÅMMɆR”. We wanted a name that was both feminist and heavy metal. We came up with the name in about a minute, deciding on the special characters took about an hour.

Janina: Like every strong woman: quick in her opinion but it takes her ages to pick the right nail color.

MWD: Can you describe your quick fire style and the inspiration behind it?

Caroline: We’re all very silly people and this seems like the silliest way to perform. Building platforms and developing characters – it’s just not very “metal”. Personally I get bored very easily, so this is a style that makes sense to me.

Janina: I think with that kind of energy you can squeeze the funny and absurd out of every word and any gesture.

Every tiny thing, every detail becomes so important because you don’t give yourself time to wait for something bigger. And this is where it gets totally crazy, absurd and fun. It’s like a comedy Rorschach test. And it mostly says that Caroline is the craziest. 


MWD: What’s the improv scene like in Berlin?

Caroline: If you’re talking about the English language scene, it’s small right now but it’s expanding at an incredible rate. The main improv jam held at Comedy Cafe Berlin has just gone weekly, and new groups are popping up all this time. It’s a very exciting time to be an improviser in Berlin.

Janina: The scene in Berlin is quite big when you are not looking for the funny in improv. So when you are seeking the funny it’s both great and bad. Bad because audiences don’t know enough about the English-speaking or more game-y style yet. Great because – as Caroline said – it’s really easy to shine now.

MWD: Where are you guys from and how did you meet?

Caroline is from London, Janina is from Berlin, Sara is from Minnesota. Basically we met at improv classes – we formed our other group Hot Box. CǓNT HÅMMɆR was formed especially for the August Offensive, an improv competition held at Comedy Cafe Berlin, we came second. But next time CǓNT HÅMMɆR WILL RETURN AND SMASH THEIR ENEMIES!!


Shameless Comedy
Noch Besser Leben

Wed 19 Oct
Doors 8pm / show starts 9pm SHARP


Henning Wechsler

Tickets 8€
Students/Leipzig Pass 5€


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