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New in town? Hungry? Vokü for you!

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There are lots of places to eat in Leipzig, but did you know there are Voküs? That’s short for “people’s kitchen”, and there are lots of them in town.

Basically a group of people get together and make a huge pot of something and other people come and eat it. Sometimes it’s on a donation basis. Sometimes it’s 3-5€.

It’s always non-profit.

The food ranges in quality and flavour and is usually vegetarian, if not vegan. Usually there is a super interesting and friendly crowd to mix with and meet.

Sometimes, like Küche für Alle at Japanische Haus, there’s a movie or some kind of entertainment. That’s probably the best part. They have them on Thursdays and Saturdays. They start cooking at 4 and serving at 7.

Sometimes they are for special occasions, like Helmut‘s Kohldampf // Herbst 16 November. Helmut is a bit different because it is run by a group of 30 people, mainly students, and many of them bring a dish. It’s super super yummy, and on a donation basis. Anything left over after expenses goes to their community programs aimed at ending racism, sexism and homophobia and empowering the arts.

Voküs started in the 90s in squats.

They were the leftist counterpart to soup kitchens. Today many are in housing or social projects.

These vokü’s are either found on a flyer for October or have asked to be included:

Casablanca (Bäckerei), Josephstr 12
Atari, Kippenbergerstr 20 / corner Täubchenweg

KulthuM, Demmering str. 74 with film in German (usually with English subs)

Manfred, Stockartstr 3
KulthuM, Demmering str. 74
Liwi, Stockartstr 11
Plaque, Industriestr 101

Japanisches Haus, Eisenbahnstr 113b
Plaque, Industriestr 101
Manfred, Stockartstr 3

Hinz & Kunz, Georg-Schwarzstr 9
Japanisches Haus, Eisenbahnstr 113b
Sublab, Karl Heine 93
Libelle, Kolonnadenstr 19

Liwi, Stockartstr 11

Maeshelle West-Davies gleans her varied life experiences to expose a personal perspective through a multitude of mediums. Sound, video, photography, dance, performance and public art are the tools she uses to convey her message. Her work is a response not only to a physical journey, but an emotional one, as with all of us who walk along or beside our individual paths.

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the japanisches haus voku, every Saturday 🙂

Tobias Grießbach

I am disgusted….the “superfriendly” crowd does not depend on your hipster lifestyle bullsh*t you present here, in most cases. We are not interested in “insiders”, talking about things that are hard fought and not easy to keep and it won’t get easier if someone like you is talking about it as if it would be something touristic or “must see” crap. How come you can talk as a self-styled “insider” has no idea, about what a “Vokü” actually is? The network in Leipzig is working well, even without your hip recommendations. Thanks for nothing and stay out.


you forgot to mention what the concept of “vokü” really means: cooking honorary (!) for other people, not just a cheap possibility for dinner and socialising -.- (even though some guests don’t know that) it’s a non-commercial, political and social tool e.g. for helping each other. so please invite other people to do so and ask the diy-places if they want to be recommended on your website. i think that would be helpful and also respectful towards the persons who organize all that. your article just sounds commercial for me – and also for others as we can see in… Read more »

Ana Beatriz Ribeiro

Maeshelle simply spotted a flyer with the names and addresses of the Voküs listed and wanted to tell people the option was available if they needed it. A flyer means they want to reach people, no? There’s nothing commercial about it – “commercial” would imply we are getting paid to run this, which is not the case, and it would be a paradox to your argument if the Voküs were indeed paying for us to run this. (Then you’d probably be upset with the Voküs.) We didn’t think Voküs were such an exclusive club – we thought they were the… Read more »


What are you talking about? Nobody is interested whether this blog is commercial or not.

The vokus are non-commercial and under constant legal threat by local authorities to be shut down and they have been in the past.

So many vokus don’t want to be widespread via net. If you can’t get infos about anything outside the net, it’s your problem.


haha ok. maybe i did the opposite of a “bildzeitungsleser”: just reading headlines… not 😉
and thanks for adding some more lines!

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