LiveGlo with Felix Caz at WGT 2017


In the first of our new LiveGlo with Felix Caz video playlist, Felix hits the streets and talks to visitors about Leipzig’s Wave Gotik Treffen.

Felix has been here for a year. Through LiveGlo, he will bring us along as he explores Leipzig’s nooks and crannies, as well as the surrounding area. Know a place you think he should discover? Shoot a message to, subject line LiveGlo.

Meanwhile,  stay tuned and don’t forget to subscribe to Felix’s channel to receive all the latest LiveGlo videos about Leipzig.

The editors

WGT has been going strong for almost 3 decades now. This year, once again, thousands of people from all over the world came to Leipzig to get together and share their love for the Gothic scene. Besides the 228 bands that played, there were cultural events all over town. When visitors were not at a concert, a reading, a film or a play, they could be found picnicing in the park, at a church or frolicking amongst the headstones in Leipzig’s largest cemetery, Südfriedhof.

I went to city centre to look for interesting people and to find out more about who they were. Some of the people looked scary as hell, but nevertheless everyone was extremely friendly and inviting. This festival was a great opportunity for all newbies, like me, here in Leipzig to meet the community and explore the city while feeling like being on a movie set.

– Felix Caz

I am a true Mexican guy born in Mexico city. When I was still pretty young I moved to Los Angeles, California where I lived most of my adult life. My life changed drastically when I had to move to Northern California (the cold) to go to Uni. After finishing my degree at the University of California Berkeley I had an itch to move to Germany and here I am. I am ready to discover this city and the amazing people in it.

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