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What do you think of when you see “Nordsee” (North Sea)? Maybe you pass by the fast food joint on your way somewhere and don’t give it a second thought. Maybe you’ve had a bite there before. But did you know that it’s actually got a long history in Germany?

For many Germans, the name conjures summer vacations spent on the shore. Most Leipzigers are probably more familiar with the Ostsee (Baltic Sea) as a holiday destination, since that was popular during GDR times. Many still go every year, with the island of Rügen being the number one destination.

Along with sandy beaches and sparkling water, the best part of going to the coast, Ostsee or Nordsee, is the fresh seafood.

White cliffs of Rügen Island.
White cliffs of Rügen Island.

Way back in 1896 a group of ship owners and merchants from Bremen founded what they called the “Deutsche Dampffischerei-Gesellschaft NORDSEE” with the objective of providing fresh fish to people who lived inland.

They started with seven fishing trawlers. That same year, the first Nordsee sales outlet opened in Bremen. The next year, they had expanded to 16 trawlers and had their own harbour.

Sailboat on the Nordsee.
Sailboat on the Nordsee.

12o years later, they are still bringing us seafood. I’m not sure what was on the menu in 1896, but I bet there was no sushi! Yes, they have kept up to date with the desires of their customers.

LiveGlo‘s Felix Caz keeps on exploring the city. This time he’s at Nordsee looking to try some food on a budget.

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A word from Felix: Germans love pickled fish sandwiches. In this video we find the saying, “Don’t judge a book by its cover” to be true. These Nordic style sandwiches might look weird and gross at first, but ohh boy, are they really good. We also meet Henry, a local man who approached us to arm wrestle.

I am a true Mexican guy born in Mexico city. When I was still pretty young I moved to Los Angeles, California where I lived most of my adult life. My life changed drastically when I had to move to Northern California (the cold) to go to Uni. After finishing my degree at the University of California Berkeley I had an itch to move to Germany and here I am. I am ready to discover this city and the amazing people in it.

You got it. (Postcard designed by Patrick Bauer for Leipzig Glocal Job Fair)
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