CSD Leipzig Pride 7,000 strong


There was a great turnout for CSD Leipzig Pride Saturday, 15 July. The weather was cheerful and so were we. There’s nothing like dancing through the streets behind a truck pumping out beats!

Seven thousand of us, from all walks of life, but bearing similar messages.

While it was about having fun, it was also about stopping hate.

In true Leipzig fashion, there was no parade. There was a march.

My favourite sign of the day said, “Jesus had two fathers too.”

With the recent victory of legalisation of gay marriage, you may think the battle is won, but it isn’t.

CSD demo route

I remember a friend of mine not so long ago being physically assaulted in the street, right here in Leipzig, simply for being gay.

That ties into what we were peacefully fighting for.

Freedom from fear.

No one should have to worry about showing affection in public.

Everyone should feel free to be who they are.

The demands on the CSD Leipzig website make it clear that acceptance begins with education. But that is the future. What about now?

Like Gloria Viagra said, “It starts with us.” It is up to each one of us to be accepting.

Queer Refugees for Pride, launched in 2016, were this year’s Pride ambassadors. Many lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex (LGBT*QI) refugees have come here fleeing persecution.

“Now without focused attention and assistance from the international humanitarian community, these refugees [are] still being deprived of basic safety or protection. The lucky ones who managed to escape successfully often find that conditions in their countries of transit are not much better than in those they fled from.”

Founder Javid Nabiyev called for the inclusion of refugees in the discussion. “Nothing about us without us.”

On the Market Square stage, there were many high quality performances along with Gloria. One to put on repeat is My Pride by Kevin Neon, featuring John Riot.

AND we were so happy to welcome Miss Mandy Cleenex home! I’ve missed her 120 min parties with her ex! Gurl Gurl Gurl. Big Love.

Miss Mandy Cleenex and her ex, Erik

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