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Meet the Editor-in-Chief Ana Beatriz Ribeiro


Do you love Leipglo? Want to know how it all started and where it’s heading? The founder and Editor-in-Chief, Ana Beatriz Ribeiro, will be speaking at Club International’s EnglishLounge to tell all about it.

With a BS in journalism and MA in global studies, Ana came to Leipzig five years ago to further her European global studies education and pursue her PhD. Her studies did not stifle her desire to write. In the States and Brazil she had been a journalist and done a lot of creative writing.

This desire turned into tangible reality in March 2015, when she started a personal blog called The Leipzig Glocal. She reached out to others who wanted to contribute their own creative writing and experiences with travel and living abroad, as well as tips and discoveries in Leipzig.

The Leipzig Glocal soon evolved into a webzine with various columns and contributors, and is currently the only Leipzig based English-language digital media outlet publishing regularly.

As LeipGlo’s Editor-in-Chief, she strives to continue professionalizing the publication and looking for the right model to make it financially sustainable in the long run.

What is the secret to LeipGlo’s success?

Ana will be speaking about “Hyperglocal” media: Challenges, opportunities and rewards of building a digital media platform in a market both small and large:

Glocal is a mixture of “hyperlocal” and “global” media, hence its own name and the new term “hyperglocal” being used to describe it. Its “hyperlocal” tangent deals with tips and information geared specifically at the Leipzig community (a small market), and even more specifically so at its loyal following, which relies on the site for information on doctors and jobs available in Leipzig, and even for events and movies to watch in their original language.

But LeipGlo’s net is cast wider, having amassed more than 5,600 followers combined on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter over the past two years. While living mostly in Germany, people located all over the world read the topics of international interest (reaching a potentially big market), such as travel, entertainment and politics. 

The web magazine’s views and tips on Leipzig are attracting and helping people looking to move to or visit the city. This presentation will discuss what has been involved in getting this ambitious project off the ground and trying to make it last where other publications in English have dropped out or quit publishing regularly.

Club International foyer, photo courtesy of Club International e.V.

The talk will be at Club International as part of a monthly program they have called English Lounge. It falls on the second Wednesday of the month and they always have interesting topics. Being international, they also have events like a French Abend at their Club & Cigar Lounge (next one is on 16 August).

Founded in 1997, Club International is a non-profit dedicated to promoting the welcoming of and inclusion of internationals through a series of encounters, events and discussions. They aim to promote the cultural and economic development of this region, in particular Leipzig and Halle.

Max Pommer 1913, wikipedia

The Neo-Renaissance building, which is available to rent, was built in 1885 and is the creation of architect Max Pommer (1847-1915). Originally he worked for Julius Meyer, but following a disagreement seven years later, he set out on his own.

While he is responsible for many beautiful buildings in Leipzig, perhaps his most enduring contribution is pioneering the use of reinforced concrete in Germany. They were already doing this in France. When he wanted to use it in a house in 1899, no one would do the work, so he set up his own building company. That became more successful than his architectural work, and by 1912 he had closed his architectural office altogether.

Come to hear about LeipGlo. Come see the work of Max Pommer. Come to further interculturalism in Leipzig.

English Lounge
with Ana Beatriz Ribeiro

Club International e.V.
Käthe-Kollwitz-Str. 115
Wednesday 9 Aug
7 pm
RSVP by 7 Aug

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