Can't beat Butlers for party place settings. (photo: maeshelle west-davies)

Glitz (check), glamour (check), gifts (oops)


I’ve just walked through the city center. I love the smiles. People are laughing and having a good time. Couples young and old are holding hands. It’s beautiful. The holiday break is almost here. The time to share moments with dear friends and family is just around the bend. Maybe you are “Johnny on the spot” and have everything on your gift list already. Or maybe you are more like most of us and still have some things to do.

I’ve looked in my favorite places to find some ideas for those last minute gifts, and all are either available online or a stone’s throw from the Christmas Market.

Collectible wines and proseccos starting at €3.99 at TK Maxx. (Photo: maeshelle west-davies)

My first stop, as always, is TK Maxx. If you can’t find anything there, I’m worried about you. I’ve been going there for ions! Here are 2 gift items that you can run in for, grab and get back out. Fabulous bottles of all kinds of wine and proseccos are just inside the front door on your left. There’s even a magnum in a wooden box.

Diaries and planners, all under 10€, also at TK Maxx. (Photo: maeshelle west-davies)

I know everything is online these days, but now I seriously need a planner, if only because these are so beautiful. There are traditional ones. And there are ones with unicorns, glitter, pink foil, cats. They are all shapes and sizes and good quality. And all under €10. You can find them on the wall facing the escalators by the cash registers downstairs.

Donutmaker at Depot, for only €29.99 (Photo: maeshelle west-davies)

I keep seeing donuts, but they are often not as tasty as I’d like. Lately they do seem to be getting better. Are my taste buds changing? Though I despise kitchen machines and like a totally clean counter with the exception of some well-placed chachkas and flowers, I have found THE perfect thing: a donut maker at Depot. Even if you don’t want one of those, there are plenty of other pretties there, and they’re all quite reasonably priced.

Blockbuster signs to light up the face of your special someone, at Butlers. (Photo: maeshelle west-davies)

Show someone they are your star by giving them a blockbuster sign. They have small ones (€6.99) and larger ones (€29.99), and you can get extra letters. Not sure how much the extra letters were. I just know I want one! They, like the table place settings in the feature photo, are from Butlers. Again, if you can’t find something fun in there, I don’t know where you should look for gifts. I need a bottomless gift certificate for sure.

Don’t have a cool million to gift your squeeze a Neo Rauch?

Get the next best thing, Neo Rauch comrades and companions, on DVD or digital download. It gives an insight into how he thinks and a look at who collects his work. The DVD has lots of interesting extras you won’t get anywhere else. This is an in-depth look at the most famous German artist of the century, who has put Leipzig on the map.

It doesn’t take that much money to really make a difference to the local culture scene.

For as little as €10, you can support the local choreographer of Leipzig Tanz Theatre, Alessio Trevisani, by donating to his crowd funding campaign for his piece Angels, Gods, Humans. 6 dancers in a water stage look at transformation. Alessio’s choreography is typically delicate, complex and fluid.

The rewards are great! Seriously, I wish I had a wonderful boyfriend who would donate €50 for tickets to the show in Siena, Italy, in January. Wouldn’t that be the most romantic weekend getaway ever?



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