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Want to be an entrepreneur?

The adventure continues for fellow expats in Leipzig!

Some of you may have heard about this the last time around, but the City of Leipzig has re-launched the program to provide consultancy services for people with immigrant background who are interested in starting a business, whether freelance (Freiberuf) or trade (Gewerbe).

The program aims to help people with immigrant background get proper support and information in starting up in Leipzig. That means that the consultancy provided is conveyed in English.

The program has three parts:

  1. Initial consultation
  2. Workshops (7 different topics)
  3. Individual consultancy sessions

The workshops cover topics like:

  • Obligations and responsibilities when owing a business in Germany
  • Loans, financial support, and special funding available in Leipzig and Saxony
  • Marketing, methods and what is allowed in marketing in Germany.
  • Tax and bookkeeping (e.g. obligations, costs, how to save money, taxes when and where)
  • How to hire, cost of hiring help, financial aid for employees
  • Types of businesses in Germany, liability Issues
  • Insurance and security (e.g. types, costs, obligations)
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You may be wondering who can participate?

Anyone can participate in the program if that person is based in Leipzig, wants to set up a business in Leipzig, and has a immigrant background.

You can participate in the program even if you are (already) a German citizen. The immigrant background is what is taken into consideration. You do not have to have started up your business yet either, but if you already have, you can still participate in the program.

This program is a good chance to get to get to know and learn how to properly do business in Germany.

Participation in the whole, multi-week program costs only 40 EUR. The next round starts on Thursday, 8 August 2019, and features 7 workshops. You can sign up on the spot.

Get more info on the program here.

– Walid Shakor

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