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Movie review: Welcome (back) to Hotel Mama

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Hotel Mama will have you laughing and perhaps reflecting on your own family life. https://leipglo.com

If you are over 40 and have brothers and sisters, the film will probably remind you of situations you’d rather forget (while making you laugh). Watch it this Monday evening in Leipzig, in the original French with German subtitles.

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Poem: Baras’s “The Sorrows of the Dockyard”

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Baras poetry: Here Lito Seizani, who is originally from Greece, pays homage and opens us a window into the Greek poet's characteristic work, with her translation of one of his ship-related pieces. https://leipglo.com

Perhaps she was falling asleep in hope/Of escaping the evening boredom of the docks

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Athos: Greece’s “Holy Mountain” on film

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Athos the documentary has lovely cinematography but fails to capture the spiritual depth of the Holy Mountain. Review and showtimes: https://leipglo.com

As a woman who is not allowed to step inside Athos, I have often found it interesting to read about the Holy Mountain and watch documentaries on it. You can catch a showing in Leipzig this Sunday afternoon.

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Schiller: poet and thinker

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Perhaps it’s time we all had another or a first look.

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Rossini’s unmissable ball

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La Cenerentola at Oper Leipzig: formidable flood of a music which reflects the larger-than-life personality of Rossini.

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Leipzig: between heaven and hell

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Leipzig’s fine balance between heaven and hell.

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