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Leipzig Events: Dance, hang out in the jungle or listen to some favourite classical music

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With our new schedule, events will be coming at you on Thursdays and Fridays now. Marjon Borsboom has some great ideas for you. Wonder when they are going to perfect cloning, so we can be everywhere at once! 6 Juli – 31 August ► Konzerte am Bachdenkmal – open air concerts at Bach memorial Nine different concerts…

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Arts and Culture: Kicking it German Style (with photos)

in Arts/Culture / Entertainment/Lifestyle by

Our artist-columnist today shares some of her experience as an expat getting into German cultural habits: garden house and lakeside techno festival.

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Arts and Culture: How do you lure back inspiration?

in Arts/Culture / Entertainment by

Our resident glocal artist columnist today ponders: “Sometimes there just isn’t a muse on the radar. It has me thinking about the concept of inspiration. What makes people come up with the things they do? Where do they get it from? How do they get it back?”

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Leipzig Events: Helping save the beloved Kohlgarten Cafe this Saturday

in Community by

A group of 30 people have all pitched in to save the Kohlgarten Cafe (Kohlgartenstr. 51), now called HELMUT!. They plan to organise various activities, including film nights, specialty lunches, exhibitions and parties. They are throwing a soli party Saturday around 11:30 p.m. at Feinkost (Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 36). Bring your dancing shoes and donations.

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I feel pretty… West Side Story

in Culture / Entertainment/Dance by

How does West Side Story relate to Legida or Pegida demonstrations? Our arts and culture insider gives us her views and review on the Broadway and Hollywood classic as currently performed in Leipzig.

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Kings, heroes and the street

in Arts by

Our arts and culture columnist today shows us some of the international and local highlights in art found along the streets, and gives us some historical and cultural insights into their often controversial medium, which is increasingly grabbing attention and followers in the mainstream. Bonus inside: street art photo gallery.

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