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Luru Kino

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Ink of Yam (2017) Documentary | 1h 15min | 9 May 2019 (Germany)
Director: Tom FröhlichWriters: Tom FröhlichSummary: A bomb hits. The windows vibrate - and a few minutes later, the needle starts humming again. In a city full of conflict, Poko Chaim and Daniel Bulitchev, two Russian tattoo artists, have created a place where there are no walls. Here, they eternalize the stories of the inhabitants of Jerusalem; the ink beneath the skin connects them all. A glance at their tattoos sheds a whole new light on the heart of the Holy City - it's inhabitants. The studio is open to everyone, regardless of nationality, religion or the color of skin. The conversations, which take place under painful circumstances, often resemble confessions, the customers offer intimate insights into their lives in this controversial city, their beliefs and their fears in this continuous conflict which makes up their everyday lives. There are moments when Poko and Daniel are almost like psychologists and artists at the same time. To escape the constant sound of the needle, they take us to special places in the city, to the sea ...


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