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Portavoce (2018) Documentary | 1 January 2018 (Romania)
Director: Ruxandra Gubernat, Marcel SchreiterStars: Narcis Axinte, Florin Badita, Mihnea BlidariuSummary: "Portavoce" (Megaphone) traces back the evolution of a culture of protest in Romania, developing in recent years, through the voices and opinions of key actors involved in social mobilization, in direct actions and in the development of a cultural scene favorable to political involvement. Throughout the movie, we placed an emphasis on interviews with activists and "affiliates" of the "alternative scene" in Bucharest. Three main protest waves were presented and critically put in context, through interviews and protest footage. At the end of January 2017, mass protests against a government ordinance emerged in Romania and soon became the biggest protest wave this country had seen in over 25 years. These protests highlighted a trend of discontentment of the young generation, discovering an interest in politics and demanding its share in political decision-making. This movie's starting aim was to find out if the perceived simultaneity of cultural consumption within an urban "alternative" ... Written by Ruxandra Gubernat, Henry Rammelt


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Director trio presents the film.