Leipzig city center. (Photo: maeshelle west-davies)

Restaurants, bars, cafés in Leipzig, Germany

B10 -
Beethovenstraße 10

“I really like their fusion style menu. It is very different from any restaurant in Leipzig that I know. At B10 it is not about quantity, but about quality. Every dish is zingy, fresh and pure. I have tasted some breathtaking combos of food and wine.”

Chocolate cake at Café Oink. (Photo © Lisa Striegler)

Café Oink -
Lauchstädter Str. 15A

I bake [daily specials]. Every Tuesday, you can enjoy a cinnamon bun; every Wednesday I make banana bread; every Thursday there are homemade scones we serve with jam; and every Friday you can indulge in chocolate cake. All of those treats are vegan.”

Uptown Coffee Bar - Riemannstraße 44

“A small cafe during the day, no bigger than a living room, it transforms into a bar on Friday nights. The local Latin American students and young professionals flirt in Spanish, English, German, or just body language. It’s… like hot and humid mid-July.”

Leipzig Pub Crawl

Five Elements Hostel - Kleine Fleischergasse 8

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