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The Sheikh and the City

in History/Leipzig
The Sheikh and the City, photo Chris Engberts

Thinking of Leipzig I thought of learned middle-aged men, feverishly working printers and book publishers, and a gallant beau monde. Times seemed to have changed and I should have known.

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Lepizig Events: OMG! My head is spinning from having to decide between so many super duper things to do this week! 1-7 Oct

in Culture / Entertainment/Leipzig/Lifestyle/O & P Highlights

Get out your planner……no need to sit home bored this week!

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#EditorDrawer: Mom, that’s me on the radio!

in Allgemein
Leipzig city center. Photo: Stefan Hopf
Leipzig city center. Photo: Stefan Hopf

Last night I went on the English-language Radio Blau program Continental Subway, and managed not to stutter so much. Host and writer/translator David Dichelle played songs I chose, which was quite exciting for me (including a couple that I sing myself). We also chatted about various topics, including a wanderlusty lifestyle, performing stuff, Leipzig cultural life and this here The Leipzig Glocal. Here’s the link if you’d like to check it out:

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Glocal spotlight: Gaia Manco, “The Leipziger”

in Culture / Entertainment/Leipzig on the web
Interview with Gaia Manco, founder of The Leipziger.
Gaia Manco, founder of The Leipziger, in Beijing in 2014. Photo courtesy Gaia Manco.

“I am a Wahlleipzigerin, and I’d like to say I always will be. Leipzig is particularly meaningful to me because moving to Leipzig meant moving in together with my husband Frank. It sounds super traditionalist to say it this way, but my husband and I never really lived together until after we got married. We simply didn’t live in the same country and sometimes not even in the same continent!
We chose Leipzig because it was a city where we, with our poorly paid intellectual professions, could live well. Much better than in England, where I lived at the time!”

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On interning with the UN around Europe – some ins and outs, ups and downs

in Culture / Entertainment/Travel
Pit stop on bike tour around the Geneva Lake, July 2011

It’s not necessarily easy to land an internship with the United Nations system. And it’s not only because it’s competitive and you often need to “be at the right place at the right time” or “know the right people,” but also because it’s expensive. Luckily, I had a scholarship that covered my Master studies tuition and basic living expenses, as well as some savings I had accrued over the past decade. I’d say go in with an open mind, and primarily the desire to meet interesting people from various countries and get to know new places. Everything else would be a bonus.

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