If you can’t go to Russia, we bring Russia to you. Here are places out in Leipzig where you can watch World Cup 2018 games live.

Dates for World Cup 2018: 14 June-15 July | Full game schedule

Russia World Cup @Leipzig

You won’t believe the variety of venues showing the World Cup matches all over Leipzig! There are restaurants, bars, pubs, a beach club, even a special fan area bringing multiple bars together. You won’t have to miss a single game.

Our list is a sortable table, mobile responsive. In smaller screens, scroll from side to side to view all fields (no pun intended). Click on the venue’s name to access its website.

VenueQuarterGamesReservation Possible?
StudentenkellerCenter EastAll?
Bayerischer BanhofCenter SouthGermany?
BeyerhausCenter SouthImportant onesYes
Café CantonaCenter SouthAllNo
OskarCenter SouthAll?
Café LuiseCenter WestFinals, Other important onesYes
MadridCenter WestSelected onesNo
VodkariaCenter WestAllYes
Ilses ErikaConnewitzAll after 4 pmNo
BarfuszDowntownImportant onesYes
Champions Sports BarDowntownAll?
Fanfest MitteDowntownAll?
100 WasserDowntownImportant ones?
Kildare City PubDowntownAllYes
MoritzbasteiDowntownGermany, FinalsNo
Gohliser SpechtGohlisFinals, Other important onesYes
JaNi's DinerLindenauGermanyYes
Joseph PubLindenauAll?
Pool GardenPlagwitzGermany, FinalsYes
Upper WestPlagwitzGermany, FinalsYes
La PlayaSouth EastAll?
Schnittstelle 1845South EastAllYes
Glashaus im ClaraparkSouth WestImportant onesYes
Clarapark MusikpavillonSouth WestAllNo
Café WaldiSüdvorstadtGermany, FinalsNo
La BoumSüdvorstadtGermanyYes

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Where to watch the World Cup 2018 live in Leipzig.

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