Who are we?

We’re a webzine/blog based in Leipzig and written for a local as well as international audience, featuring arts & culture, lifestyle, entertainment, politics, social issues and more. We are a small team of diverse professionals committed to delivering information we find interesting and which readers may not have access to because they are new to or outside the area, or don’t speak German, or are not closely connected with the local international community. Or for locals or anyone who simply likes to read us.

But why call it “Leipzig Glocal?”

Besides its link to the cool-sounding catchword (“local” and “global”) and the avenue it presents for thinking beyond the constructed meanings of globalization, the short explanation for the name is the following: It’s physically based in Leipzig (as in computers and most of the columnists and many of the events being announced), but is open not only to Leipzig locals but to people living all over the globe to send in their creative offerings. It is also obviously viewable globally. And I guess we could call ourselves “glocal” as well, given our own trajectories, hybridization and adaptations, traveling extensively, moving around, having our bodies here but our souls scattered internationally…?

Diversity is highly encouraged in this hybrid webzine/blog – in styles, thoughts, locations and languages. This is not necessarily an English-only blog, although many of the posts will be in English because it is the language the columnists have in common with most of our international friends. Feel free to share your writing and impressions with us!

Thank you for stopping by!

– The LEIPGLO team

Disclaimer: The columnists are responsible for their statements and opinions, which do not necessarily reflect the opinions of THE LEIPZIG GLOCAL as a whole.

How we began

LeipGlo Team

Our team, the people editing and writing our columns – and developing and beautifying our site – embody the glocal spirit of this webzine/blog. All based in increasingly cosmopolitan Leipzig, they sport diverse nationalities, backgrounds and interests. They’ll be regularly taking on topics and related happenings they’re passionate about from their own unique, hybridized perspectives – combining the local and international elements and experiences they’ve gathered along their own trajectories.

Management team

Ana Beatriz Ribeiro – from Brazil/USA – Founder/Editor-in-Chief

maeshelle west-davies – from USA/UK – Arts & Culture Director

Marina Renault – from Brazil – Marketing & Design Advisor

Daniel Leon – from Venezuela – Sales & Business Development Manager


Stefan Hopf – from Germany – Photographer

Regular writers

Ana Beatriz Ribeiro, maeshelle west-davies, Daniel Leon

Lito Seizani – Personal insights into being an “every-day tourist;” movie reviews; poems.

Harald Köpping Athanasopoulos – from Germany“I am an idealist, a Christian, a socialist, a Europeanist, and, above all, a true Leipzig-lover. That’s why I want to use this blog to write about Leipzig’s history and politics, both of which are rather inaccessible to our English-speaking audience. I hope I won’t bother you too much if I occasionally share some philosophical musings as well…”

Rachael Clugston – Contributes with sharp political commentary on the German scene.

Prof. Helena Flam – Contributes with her sociological wisdom by writing articles on diverse topics.

Maximilian Georg – Reviews and musings.

Jessica Jacques – Politics, society, culture.

Adam Carrington, Erik Braga, Christopher Lade, Natasha Carrasco Stillman – Music.

We’re always looking for guest contributors. Have a look at our guidelines for potential writers, and drop us a line: contact@leipglo.com